Momentum.Dublin is a DJ collective and promoter run by Damian McClurg a.k.a Jus Damian, Irish DJ, and Roberto Santos a.k.a, Santos Reevs, Spanish Producer/DJ.  Santos and Damien started off as music collectors growing up with quite an eclectic spectrum of musical influence and have performed and organise music events across Italy, Spain and Ireland.

Momentum organise events in venues such as the Tara Building, DLight studios, Smock Alley and Club nights at Wigwam, Tengu/Kaizen, Sounhouse, The Loft, South William Basement, DC Club, etc. In addition to that, Momentum DJ's play separately at clubs such as Pygmalion, Berlin D2, South William, 39/40 Arran quay, Hangar and festivals H&G's Tall Tales, and NYE Midas Touch.  Music Styles they explore through promotion and performance varies from Techno, Electro, House and Ambient. 


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